Tips for choosing grout!

Date: Feb 16 2019 12:43PM

Tips for choosing grout!

Have you ever considered how much the colour of grout can affect the look of your wall or floor tiles? Grout is an essential part of the tiling procedure, but the colour of the grout can be a very personal choice. Some of our customers prefer to choose a colour that will blend with their tiles, whilst others will choose a colour that really makes a statement.

White is the most popular and traditional colour for wall tiles, closely followed by Jasmine. Depending on the colour of tiles that you are using there can be other colour options available. The smaller area between kitchen units can be the perfect place to try something different and dramatic, such as a daring black grout. Black can look fantastic with black, grey or red kitchen wall tiles.

Have you thought of using a grey grout to give your plain white kitchen wall tiles a more vintage, aged feel? Grey grout is often used with floor tiles; this is because floor tiles tend to attract lots of dirt and grime from constant foot wear. A grey grout will disguise any engrained dirt that may appear over time. There are many different shades of grey from very light to almost black, so there is always a shade of grey to suit most requirements.

If you are considering using a white grout with your floor tiles it would be a good idea to seal the grout initially to reduce any staining. Black, Anthracite, chocolate and various neutral shades can also work well, depending on the colour of floor tiles used.

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