Beton Hidraulico Floor Tile

With a mixture of both traditional and contemporary influences the Beton Hydraulico patterned porcelain floor tiles are a really great find. They will instantly transform a plain boring floor in to a stylish interior area in no time at all. They have a larger 600 x 600 size but are designed in such a way that they look like a series of smaller tiles. Each porcelain tile is divided in to 9 spectacular patterned designs in various shades of muted soft grey; there are six variations in the way that these designs appear. The overall effect when seen together is simply stunning.

Because the Hydraulico floor tiles have a softer aged patterned appearance they would be a superb option if you wanted to create an interesting floor area that complements rather than dominates a room. In general we find that if you are going to create pattern on your floor area then keep your walls simple in style, let the floor tiles become the feature of the room They could easily be incorporated in interior areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and living areas. Wherever you choose to use these porcelain floor tiles you are sure to create something really special that will enhance and change your home interior for the better.