Staying in is the New Going Out

Date: April 19 2018 3:24PM

An interesting article in today’s news has indicated that the current economic climate has had a surprising effect on Italy’s men. Renowned for their swarthy good looks and charismatic appeal, Italy’s men have always had a certain reputation for their ability to woo the ladies. Unfortunately many of Italy’s Latin lovers have suffered financial restraints meaning that they are spending less on flowers, chocolates and dining out.

Has the current economy put the brakes on your dating style?

An intimate dinner for two doesn’t mean that you have to book the best restaurant in town. Why not dine in style at home?

Your kitchen is the perfect place to really set the scene, just make sure that everything is in tip top condition. Grubby grout and broken kitchen tiles are really not a good first impression!

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So dim the lights uncork the wine and put the spring back in your dating style with our range of kitchen tiles.