Ancient Mosaic Tiles Found Below Modern London

Ancient Mosaics Revealed

Date: Mar 03 2018 3:30PM

Recent archaeological excavations below the city of London have revealed exciting finds from the Roman period. This amazing dig has produced a vast network of historical significance. New artefacts are being found everyday and already over 10,000 items have been recovered, including fragments of documents, amulets, temple remains, drainage systems and the water course for an ancient lost river.

It really does make you wonder, just what is below our feet!

One of the things that we really associate the Romans with are mosaics, intricate mosaic floors are often recovered from the Roman period; still in remarkably good condition. Mosaics have remained fashionable for thousands of years and are still very popular in homes today.

So why not take a leaf out of the Romans' book and consider using mosaics in your home interiors. Mosaics are very versatile and are available in many designs that can be used in conjunction with bathroom wall tiles and kitchen wall tiles. Mosaics can also be used on the floor just like the Romans did, but you should ensure that your chosen mosaics are suitable for use as floor tiles first.

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