Mosaics for all

Mosaics for all

Date: Jan 2 2019 11:22AM


Mosaics are not just for bathrooms they look great in kitchens too! The versatility of mosaics means that they are ideal for use in kitchen areas, they are easy to shape around sockets and windows and the sheets can be cut to suit your own individual needs. They make eye-catching splashbacks and look superb as features behind hobs.

Transforming the look of your kitchen is easy with mosaics; the choices of styles, finishes and colour are endless and leave plenty of scope for adding individuality to your kitchen walls. This extensive choice also means that there is always going to be a mosaic to suit any taste or style of décor.

Natural stone mosaics are an excellent choice for anyone wanting to create a rustic country cottage feel. But what if you want something a little more modern? Glass mosaics are extremely popular and will give a no fuss modern edge to your style.

The addition of a square edge chrome trim can also give a fabulous contemporary feel to your mosaics, this looks particularly effective if you choose a mosaic that has a smattering of chrome mosaic pieces incorporated in to its design. Chrome trims can be used to edge mosaics on any exposed edges, such as around window edges and external corners; they also look great when used along the top of mosaics creating a narrow upstand running along the back of a kitchen worktop.

Mosaics are exciting and interesting so why not give them a go; many of our customers already have and are extremely pleased with the end results!